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Discovery and Exchange Sessions on Cross-fertilisation Music

In the frame of the ExTra! project, the discovery and exchange sessions on cross-fertilisation music will take place each project year at Easter in the frame of the Traditional Music Regional Competition.

Responsible partner: Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions

Exchange sessions in Gannat, France

In the frame of Massif Musiques et Danses (MMD), a festive week-end is organised, focusing on the traditional music and dance from the area of Massif Central (6 regions grouped around this mountainous region). MMD is a festival of music from the centre of France. It is dedicated to young talents and organised around two big competitions: dance and music.The aim of this “cross fertilisation” project is to give musicians the possibility to hear a different musical tradition and to play together, operating a cross-fertilisation between styles and traditions.

Report 2007, with the group Ponitran from Slovakia

Report 2008, with students in folk music degree from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Report 2009, with an Irish group and students of the folk music degree from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)


European Music Council (EMC)