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Structure of the publication

I.    Introduction
I.1    Historical Article
Article on the history of Europe and the concept of nation states; N.N.    
I.2    Introductory Article
    Review of the included articles and relating them to the current discourse; Svanibor Pettan

II.    Articles/Main part
II.1        Jewish music in Europe; Phil Bohlman
II.2         Roma music in Europe – comparative overview; Iren Kertesz Wilkinson
II.3        Turkish music in diaspora; Martin Greve
II.4        Music from African immigrants in Europe; Wolfgang Bender
II.5        Identity and media – the Assyrians and the concept of interlocality; Dan Lundberg
II.6        The Taranta – Dance of the sacred spider; Annunziata Dellisanti
II.7        Urban ethnomusicology; Adelaida Reyes
II.8        The Bhangra in the U.K.; Laura Leante
II.9        Those that fly without wings – music of Latin American immigrants; Jan Sverre     Knudsen
II.10    Balkan rock – Balkan boom; Alenka Barber Kersovan
II.11    Questionnaire on the needs of immigrant communities in Italy; coordinator:     Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica
II.12    Teaching musics of the minorities, Huib Schippers
II.13    Aspects of formal and informal transmission of Music in the immigrant communities     from Turkey; Dorit Klebe and Hande Sağlam

III.    Model projects
III.1    Nigerian music project at Austrian kindergarten; Christina Foramitti  
III.2    Integrating Refugee Children in schools; Albinca Pesek
III.3    World Music Center Denmark; Lance D’Souza
III.4    "Does Sound have a colour" (working with migrant cultures at school); Eva Fock
III.5    Book project: Djamila and the others; coordinator: Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica/Alessandro Di Ligero
III.6    The Project of Rotterdam; Henri Tournier
III.7    Summer Academy of the Cité de la Musique; Gilles Delebarre

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