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Panorama on Migrant Cultures in Greece & France

Silja Fischer, IMC Secretary General, introduced a study on “The Protection and Promotion of Musical Diversity” that was carried out by the International Music Council (IMC) for the UNESCO in 2006. To assist in achieving a global perspective on a global issue, the IMC engaged consultants from representative regions on the five continents. The study clearly noticed the fears expressed by some that the UNESCO Convention for cultural diversity will be used to repress rather than protect and promote it. 


The researchers conclude that “musical diversity is served if there is free cross-border flow of musics from other countries and cultures. There is a dilemma, however, that such freedom allows dominance by the music sold by the most powerful international traders, and so musical diversity is not necessarily served.”

You may download the Power Point presentation of Silja Fischer here.
Download the full report and appendices from the IMC website here.

Sami Sadak introduced a survey on the practices of traditional music in the region Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (PACA), which was carried out from 2001–2007. 1400 questionnaires were sent to associations, communities and artists asking about how the traditional music was practiced and transmitted in the migrant communities. 
PACA is one of the regions where the music multiculturalism is the richest in Europe. Marseille above all, but in general the whole south of France is very cosmopolitan and mixed. In Marseille (850 000 inhabitants) a lot of communities are living along each others, having different kinds of contact with their country of origin. These differences can be found in the music practices.
As a result of the survey a guide about traditional music in communities of the PACA region and a double CD with music mentioned in the survey was produced.

Please find a comprehensive summary for download here (pdf-file).

Reguina Hatzipetrou-Andronikou and Dimitra Papastavrou were examining the topic of migrant cultures from a more practical point of view. The main focus of their research study on Recreating a musical tradition was to gauge how immigrants’ children experience children’s customs in their host country. The custom analysed in their study was kalanda, which is a traditional Greek custom that occurs during the festive period. Groups of children visit houses and stores and “say” kalanda, often accompanied by a metal triangle or other musical instruments.

Please download a summarized report of the study here.

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